Procurement management

Created by : SME Team
Date : Summer 2007

This Excel tool was developed for helping cabinet makers to manage their procurement, but can be used for any manufacturer who wants to better control it. Using a data table, it allows a company to manage its purchases by supplier, by project, and/or delivery date.


Managing procurement by supplier

Managing by supplier allows the buyer to manage the products list and their associated prices previously negotiated with each supplier. Moreover, the history of the purchased products and prices paid are available by supplier. It is possible, for example, to know, for each supplier, the value and quantity of annual purchases.

Managing procurement by project

Managing your purchases by project makes it possible to control quantities and costs of raw materials consumed all along a project. Analyzing your cost by project and doing “Post Mortems” thus becomes easier.

Managing procurement by delivery date

Managing your purchases by delivery date simplifies follow-ups with suppliers when reception dates are not respected. A good follow-up with suppliers allows for a better production planning.


The following links presents how to use the tool and the Excel tool.

*The document requires the use of macros.  To activate macros, select “tools” in the top menu, then “macros” then “security”.  The recommended security setting is “medium”.  Open the document and then click on “activate macros” while the document is opening.