Research program

The research program consists of 4 major initiatives to cover three broad themes:

  1. Design and management of value creation networks
  2. Supply system from the forest to the mills
  3. Agile operations management of the wood processing and transformation centers

Each theme is lead by a domain expert. This expert works closely with a multidisciplinary research team composed of several professors and research professionals with expertise in various disciplines such as business administration, industrial engineering, forest management, forestry, science wood, IT and operational research.




Engineering sustainable forest-products industry value creation network

Professor Sophie D’Amours, fonder of the FORAC research consortium leads the research program of Value chains and business models for a competitive, profitable and responsible forest sector. This program aims to strengthen the capacity of business and government to make strategic design decisions for their value chains to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage for traditional and emerging markets. Strategic design is here defined as the coordinated deployment of a combination of assets, strategies and coordination mechanisms to meet the various objectives (sometimes conflicting), for the stakeholders in a highly regulated social, environmental and economical environment.




Supply system from the forest to the mills

Professor Luc LeBel, director of the consortium, leads two initiatives related to the theme of supply system from the forest to the mills:

1) Collaborative Planning of Integrated Wood Supply Systems

2) Engineering the integrated wood supply system for a more competitive Canadian forest products industry

These research programs are designed to improve the performance of activities prior to the wood processing in factories. Both proposals are closely associated. While the first initiative will study and develop planning models and collaborative operating at the network level, the second will focus on optimizing specific processes that make up the supply system.




Agile Operations Management for Market-driven Wood Processing Industry

Professor Jonathan Gaudreault, co-director of the consortium, leads the research program entitled Agile Operations Management for Market-driven Wood Processing Industry. The aim is to develop a set of processes, methods and tools to aid agile decision making in sawmill and second transformation factories. The focus will be on the development of real-time planning systems to enable managers and planners react to the conditions of rapidly changing markets.