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FORAC - Forest to customer

FORAC Research Consortium is a solid partnership between the forest products industry stakeholders (Université Laval, companies and governments). We regroups experts with competencies in forestry engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, management sciences such as operations management and strategic management, etc.

The FORAC team designs, develops and validates business models, decision support methods and technologies for the design and management of innovative value creation networks in a sustainable development perspective. In a perspective of sustainable development we contribute to improving the competitiveness of Québec forest products industry. Our research program is composed of sixmajor initiatives and covers 3 major complementary themes.


Feedback on our Expo-Conferece

On January 31, FORAC held its annual Expo-Conference. We welcomed over 70 consortium members from industry and academia. ...
Feb. 8, 2024

Research recruitment

A postdoctoral contract is currently being recruited. Detailed descriptions are available in the Recruitment sectio ...
Dec. 9, 2022

Article in Forests

An article was published in the journal Forests: Integrating Analytical Hierarchical Process and Network Optimizatio ...
Nov. 11, 2022


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