Created by : FORAC Team

SilviLab is a strategic tool for forest management planning. This web application is meant to be used by all actors involved in the strategic forest planning. Silvilab provides a graphical representation of the territory in layers. Each layer is created from existing data including forest inventory, growth patterns, silvicultural treatments, public and forest roads, areas of pricing, ecological districts, etc.

In addition to standard features of a mapping system, the strength of SilviLab is the ability to assess the impact of forest planning models on industrial development. The application can assess the impact of existing strategic plans but also produce a new plan if it improves the economic value of the market while meeting performance constraints and established protection.

SilviLab is developed on a collaborative "cloud" architecture, enabling stakeholders to share management plans, comparison of scenarios and adding new data layers and in an environment that requires no deployment.


The SilviLab platform is open is all, with support offered to our industrial partners.