Luc LeBel, director

Luc LeBel is professor at the Department of Wood and Forest Sciences at the Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geomatics and director of the FORAC research consortium. fter receiving a degree in forestry operations at Université Laval, he obtained an MBA in engineering projects, a Master in Forest Science and a Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in the United States. His research led him to explore the factors that promote the productivity and efficiency of forest supply systems from the forest to the mill. He is interested in resources and supply management methods developed by companies in response to environmental, technological, and administrative constaints. M. LeBel was awarded the title of Forest Engineer of the Year by the College of Forestry Engineers in September 2013.



Daniel Beaudoin

Daniel Beaudoin is professor at the Department of Wood and Forest Sciences at the Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geomatics. M. Beaudoin has a bachelor's degree in forest operations, an MBA in business management and a doctorate in forestry science all from Université Laval. His thesis was about distributed planning of forest supplies in a multi-company context. Mr. Beaudoin's research focuses on several aspects of forest engineering such as wood procurement problems, log yard design and operations, onboard computers, calibration of measurement apparatus of the harvester, and wood quality.



Jonathan Gaudreault

Jonathan Gaudreault is professor at the Department of Computer and Software Engineering at Université Laval. M. Gaudreault has a Bachelor in computer science from Université Laval and a doctorate in computer engineering from the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. His thesis was on the coordination of supply chains using the distributed planning. Prior to his current position, he has worked in the software industry as director of research and development. He also twice received the OCTAS prize issued by the Federation of Quebec IT (1995 and 1999). His research aims to develop methods to help combine knowledge from different disciplines (artificial intelligence, operations research and industrial engineering).



Philippe Giguère

Philippe Giguère is professor at the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Université Laval since 2010. After his bachelor studies in Physical Engineering, M. Giguère did a master at the la Northeastern University, in Massachusetts (United States), and a doctorate at Université McGill both in computer science. He has 15 years of experience in mobile robotics and sensor fusion in academia, and six years of experience in embedded, real-time systems in industry. The main focus of his research is to increase the autonomy of cyber-physical systems, using machine learning and advanced sensor fusion. His most recent projects include localization and mapping of challenging outdoor environments with mobile LiDAR, image classification with deep Learning, grasping, and terrain identification. 



Nadia Lehoux

Nadia Lehoux is professor of industrial engineering at Université Laval. Mrs Lehoux has a master in Mechanical Engineering from Université Laval and a doctorate in Industrial Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal. She also did a postdoctoral internship at Université Laval. Her work spans several branches of industrial engineering including operations and logistics management, business models and business-to-business collaboration strategies. She has worked for more than thirteen years in collaboration with de forest sector, being a member of the Chaire industrielle sur la construction écoresponsable en bois (CIRCERB) and Assistant director the Interuniversity Research Centre on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation (CIRRELT).  She has worked on many projects for the lumber, pulp and paper production more specifically on coordination of activities.  



Michael Morin

Michael Morin is professor at the Department of Operations and Decision system at the Faculty of Business Administration. M. Morin has a bachelor, master and doctorate in computer science from Université Laval. Before being hired as a professor, he completed two postdoctoral. The first one jointly with FORAC and the Business Adminstation Faculty in 2015-2016, the second one at Toronto Intelligent Decision Engineering Laboratory (TIDEL) in the Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering from the Université of Toronto in 2017. His research focuses on the joint application of optimization and machine learning in decision-making contexts for the development of state-of-art AI-based decision systems.



Mikael Rönnqvist

Mikael Rönnqvist is a professor in industrial engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Université Laval. M. Rönnqvist has a master in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, and a doctorate in Optimization from Linköping Institute of Technology in Sweden. He holds a Canada Research Chair in Operational Research in Natural Resources. He has an expertise in operations research, collaboration, practical multiobjective planning, logistics and development of industrial decision support systems. He is a winner of several prestigious academic and industrial innovation awards.