FORAC News 2019

January 2019 - PDF Document 3.3 Mo


Coordination: Edith Brotherton  
English review: Aliké Harel
Graphics: Sphynx Pub Inc.

Science fair 2019: Building the future together... with FORAC 4.0 

Forest supply chain design (spruce budworm infestation) * Calibration of ponsse h7 harvester head: efforts and benefits * Increasing the value-creation potential of strategic forest management plans * Forest companies pooling their production capacities * Improving the forest plants order and delivery process for reforestation * Improving wood supply predictability * Reducing transport cost with a better usage of transit wood yards * Roadmap for the wood yard 4.0: first steps toward an automated management system * Evaluating tactical-operational coordination mechanisms for sawmills * Integrated demand management approaches for the softwood lumber industry * modelling forest logistics networks with a labour factor * Collaborative transportation: start within the company

FORAC News 2018

January 2018 - PDF Document 9.8 Mo


Coordination: Edith Brotherton & Catherine Lévesque
English review: Aliké Harel
Graphics: Sphynx Pub Inc.

Science fair 2018 : 1, 2, 3, ... 4.0, and GO! 

Decision theatre approach for participatory planning * Saving transportation costs with backhauls * Evaluating production planning and order management strategies for sawmills * Collaboration and dynamic risk sharing in the forest supply chain * Planning of wood drying operations: a transfer success * Human-computer interaction to refine drying operation planning * Towards the design of a logistical centre common to several forest companies * Improving log yard performance * Development of a sustainable and balanced tactical forest management plan: a case study * Innovative logistic solutions for forest biomass procurement * Visual bark classification using deep learning * Collaborative forest procurement planning: the system-integrator

FORAC News 2017

January 2017 - PDF Document 6,1 Mo


Coordination: Edith Brotherton & Catherine Lévesque
English review: Julia Power
Graphics: Sphynx Pub Inc.

Science fair 2017 : Harvesting, transforming and delivering data, from forest to customer 

Forest fibre network design: a case study in newfoundland * Benchmark and best practices guide for sorting/transit yards * Creating sustainable value through the introduction of new products * Designing a pilot plant for the biorefining of forest ressources * Automatization of spatialized data preprocessing * Real-time reoptimization of forest supply plans * Optimization of wood procurement: benefits and requirements * anticipating lumber production for a better wood allocation * Overview of ongoing research initiatives in collaborative road transport * assessing transportation  strategies for carbon emission reduction * Should we increase agility or improve supply predictability? * Estimating the value creation of fibre supply using the annual allowable cut

FORAC News 2016

January 2016, Vol. 13, No 1 - PDF Document 1,8 Mo


Coordination Science fair and FORAC-NEWS : Edith Brotherton & Catherine Lévesque
Graphics : Service de reprographie de l’Université Laval
English review : Julia Power



Development of the forest biomass sector * Woody biomass development in eastern québec * Bucking automation: productivity and quality * Maintenance management system for harvesting contractors * Shared value park and new business model * Improving wood yard performance * Annual allowable cut and real harvest rate * Science fair program * Fire and strategic forest planning * Kiln drying operation scheduling * Order acceptance policies for sawmilling industry * decision support tool integrating environmental impacts * Foreseeing the products of sawmilling * Improving a hardwood flooring cutting process * Planning process for a multi-plant system  *  

FORAC News 2015

January 2015, Vol. 12, No 1 - PDF Document 1,3 Mo


Coordination Science faire and FORAC News : Catherine Lévesque & Tasseda Boukherroub
Graphics : Service de reprographie de l’Université Laval
Review : Catherine Savard & Julia Power


Science fair 2015 : What if money grew on trees?

Agility: a necessity for competitiveness * Carbon, biomass and forest management planning * Supply strategies in a timber auction context * Biomass supply from disturbed forests * Biomass supply from disturbed forests * Science fair program * Network optimization: supply and transportation of wood chips * Planning tools: from theory to practice * Commercial spatial analysis tools development: methodology and framework * Evaluation of lumber market opportunities * Replanning production operations while minimizing perturbations 

FORAC News 2014

January 2014, Vol 11, No 1 - PDF Document  812 KB 


Coordination Science Fair and FORAC News : Catherine Lévesque & Line Simoneau
Graphics : Marie-Pier Laliberté & Réjean Gariépy
Review : Julie Richard & Julia Power 


Topic: Science Fair 2014 

Collaboration: reaping the rewards * An educational game in collaborative logistics * Control stratégies for a forest supply chain * Procurment planning process performance * Carbon and wood products : obligations and opportunities * Technology transfer : scheduling of lumber finishing operations * Wood yard design

FORAC News 2013

January 2013, Vol 10, No 1 - PDF Document 272 KB 


Graphics and coordination FORAC News: Amélie Tremblay
Coordination Science Fair: Anis Ben Amor
Review : Julia Power 


Topic: Science Fair 2013

The times they are a-changin’ * Dashboards : positioning for the future * Collaboration in wood transportation * Geographic information systems are here to stay * Science Fair program: FORAC 10th anniversary: ideas, concepts... RESULTS * Knowledge management and procurement planning * Anticipating fibre consumption in forest management planning *Optimization of forest and sawmills tactical planning

FORAC News 2012

January 2012, Vol 9, No 1 - PDF Document 409 KB 


Coordination : Anis Ben Amor
Graphics : Amélie Tremblay & Marie-Pier Laliberté
Review : Phyllis Daly & Valérie Wulleman 


Topic: Science Fair 2012

Excellence, Networking, relevance and communication * Wood supply chains : description and evaluation * Combinatorial timber auction * Planning wood finishing operations * Science fair 2012 program * Designing bioenergy networks * LogiLab and SilviLab : Integrated forest management * Demand management in the softwood lumber industry  

FORAC News 2011

February 2011, Vol 8, No 1 - PDF Document 339 KB


Coordination : Amélie Tremblay & Anis Ben Amor
Graphics : Amélie Tremblay
Translation : Phyllis Daly & Amélie Tremblay


Topic : Science Fair 2011

Director’s Letter * Decision Framework for Investments and Production Strategies * Knowledge Management and Decision-Making Performance * Synchronization and Sustainability for Forest Industry * Science Faire 2011 Program * Decision Support Systems for Planning Operations * Strategic Planning for Bioenergy Industry * Downtime and Productivity in a Wood Planing Mill

FORAC News 2010

January 2010, Vol 7, No 1 - PDF Document 701 KB


Coordination : Amélie Tremblay & Jean-Roch Leclerc
Graphics : Amélie Tremblay
Translation : Phyllis Daly


Topic : Science Fair 2010

The Forest Industry: What Solutions to the Crisis? * Study of Variation and its Financial Impact * From Standard Enterprise to Agile and Learning Entreprise * Strategic Re-Engineering of a Distribution Network * Science Fair 2010 Program: The Next Generation Forest Industry * Plan Harvesting in Order to Optimize the Forest Value Chain * Optimize One's Network With LogiLab: a Step Ahead for the Industry * Revenue Management in the Softwood Lumber Industry