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Petit Déjeuner FORAC | Elizabeth Hunter


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Sept. 15
to 15, 2022

Elizabeth Hunter, CEO

Treeswift's Robotic Forest Inventory
Treeswift is building and deploying the next generation of forestry technologies for timber cruising. We provide timber and carbon forest inventories by leveraging our state-of-the-art robotics and artificial intelligence technology. Our first-of-its-kind robotic forest inventory system uses custom mobile sensors which are mounted to drones or backpacks purposely built for cruising timber. In this talk, we will discuss Treeswift’s robotic forest inventory and mapping system and present results from cruises in plantation forests across the US Southeast. By operating our sensors underneath the canopy, we capture data that was previously impossible to collect and push it through our analytics pipeline to detect and produce individual per-tree metrics. Treeswift offers an unparalleled technological solution which is accurate, efficient, and scalable for forest landowners. These accurate and transparent forest datasets will serve as the foundation for stand-level operational inventories as well as new types of high quality carbon markets, wildfire decision support systems, insurance markets and more.