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Petit Déjeuner FORAC | Erik Rönnqvist


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10 oct. 2023

Erik Rönnqvist
Creative Optimization AB

Advanced planning tools enabling maximized profit for integrated harvesting and transportation planning – examples from Swedish forest industry


Woodflow is an advanced decision support system (DSS) for optimizing logistics operations and analyzing transport performance. The DSS covers all complex conditions that matter for the transport planning such as integration between truck, train and vessels, storage between periods, limited transport capacity, backhauling, customer prices and much more. It also supports many challenges such as sales optimization, optimal supply areas, collaboration between companies, transportation capacity limits and localization and use of terminals. Woodflow has become an industrial standard for planning operations for many of the large Swedish forest companies. This seminar includes a description of Woodflow and its industrial use. It also includes recent developments allowing an integration of bucking selection and transportation planning. Examples of the latter is included in the presentation.


Heure : 15 h 00
En présentiel : PLT-3370
En ligne :
ID de réunion : 657 3643 6550
Code secret : 551076