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Petit Déjeuner FORAC | Patrik Ulvdal


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13 sept. 2023

Patrik Ulvdal
Doctoral student in forest management

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences



Forestry and forest planning in the Swedish forest industry: some notes on DSS and uncertainty

Patrik Ulvdal will talk about forestry in general in Scandinavia (with a focus on Swedish conditions) and how forestry is planned in particular. Sweden has a diverse set of forest owners. There are some very large industrial forest owners (including government actors) and many small forest holdings – but forest management overall is very intensive and industrialised at least compared with other boreal locations. Especially the large forest owners, with forest holdings in the range of 1,000,000 hectares, have highly developed processes for long-term forest planning. Most actors use the forest DSS Heureka for their planning, a DSS developed and managed by researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. It includes models for describing forest development and management activities and an optimisation module that lets the user formulate and solve optimisation problems to create long-term plans. However, the Heureka system does not include any direct methods for dealing with risk or uncertainty. One aim of Patrik’s research is to develop this kind of methodology.


Heure : 9 h 00
En présentiel : PLT-1120
En ligne :
ID de réunion : 682 1771 1108
Code secret : 871824