The FORAC-NEWS is a bilingual newspaper published once a year by the Consortium. We share vulgarized information on current research projects and the transfer activities in the Consortium.



FORAC News 2019

January 2019 - PDF Document 3.3 Mo


Coordination: Edith Brotherton  
English review: Aliké Harel
Graphics: Sphynx Pub Inc.

Science fair 2019 : Building the future together... with FORAC 4.0 

Forest supply chain design (spruce budworm infestation) * Calibration of ponsse h7 harvester head: efforts and benefits * Increasing the value-creation potential of strategic forest management plans * Forest companies pooling their production capacities * Improving the forest plants order and delivery process for reforestation * Improving wood supply predictability * Reducing transport cost with a better usage of transit wood yards * Roadmap for the wood yard 4.0: first steps toward an automated management system * Evaluating tactical-operational coordination mechanisms for sawmills * Integrated demand management approaches for the softwood lumber industry * modelling forest logistics networks with a labour factor * Collaborative transportation: start within the company