The FORAC-NEWS is a bilingual newspaper published once a year by the Consortium. We share vulgarized information on current research projects and the transfer activities in the Consortium.



FORAC News 2022

January 2022 - Document PDF 5.0 Mo 

Coordination : Edith Brotherton et Sophie Bélanger-LeBel
English review : Dwain Richardson
Graphics : Sphynx Pub Inc.


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Management tools for supply predictability * .ktr file reader: evaluating the accuracy of measurement data * Stand-specific working methods for harvester operators * monitoring and managing the  performance of a forest entrepreneur fleet * Linear neural network assisted ecoforestry map production * Artificial intelligence supporting scalers: validating species of a load of wood * FORAC 20e * An optimization tool for lumber production allocation and distribution * Supporting research and building strong relationships with the industry: it’s worth it! * Acceleration of debitage simulations using deviation analysis * Forest product demand analysis and forecasting tool * Optimizing the allocation of modes of transportation in the kruger distribution chain * Collaboration for a control loop for a smart planer * Autonomous navigation of a forwarder * Strategic management of a log yard for coordination purposes